What you need to know about Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo

How cosmetic eyeliner tattoo can give you a look that gets more looks!

If your eyes and lashes need more definition and you don’t have the time or steady hands to apply eyeliner and mascara every day, cosmetic eyeliner tattoo could be right for you.  

What is eyeliner tattooing?

It’s a type of semi-permanent make-up that enhances the look of your eyes and eyelashes. Ideal for men and women, the treatment is done by a skilled professional cosmetic tattooing technician and can achieve different looks including a solid outline, eyeshadow effect and fuller-looking eyelashes.

What are the benefits of eyeliner tattooing?

Semi-permanent eyeliner tattoo has benefits for both women and men, including:

  • Doesn’t smudge and is waterproof and sweat-proof
  • Great for oily skins that may not hold regular make-up
  • Save time and money on applying eye make-up daily
  • Great for people with poor eyesight who can’t apply their own eyeliner
  • Restores definition to people with alopecia, helping frame their eyes
  • Gives a more youthful, defined look to people with fair eyelashes.

Which eyeliner tattoo method is right for you?

This depends on what look you want, your age and skin type. Only highly skilled tattooists can do eyeliner tattoo and when you choose the professionals at Sydney Permanent Make-up Centre, they will consult with you to design a look to enhance your eye shape and features. Here are some semi-permanent eyeliner styles:

Designer eyeliner 

This method makes your eyes appear wider and more open, giving them more definition. You can have an outline of either, or both, upper and lower eyelids, with a thin line for a natural look or a thick line for a more dramatic look. You can have eyeliner just on the outer corners joining your upper and lower lids, for a seductive look, or the popular ‘winged’ eyeliner look. However, thick outlines and eyeliner wings are more suitable for younger, taut skin. If you have hooded eyes or crow’s feet, this look may not suit you.

Leading Sydney cosmetic tattoo practitioner, Rita Porreca, advises going subtle first.


“Choose an everyday look, then if you like it, try a thicker eyeliner, or add to it with makeup.”

Lash enhancement 

This style is great for men and women who want natural-looking, well-defined lashes, without it looking like makeup.

The technique involves doing small dots along your lash line to make your eyelashes look longer and thicker. 

Eye shadow

This style gives a softer, smudged look to your eyes. You can choose different colours like with eye shadow, or have it applied to the corners of your eyes for a smoky look.

What to expect in an eyeliner tattooing treatment

First, Rita will find out what eyeliner look you’re after and advise what’s achievable for you. Then, she draws on guidelines so you can see how the eyeliner tattoo will look once it’s healed. 

The cosmetic eyeliner tattoo procedure is safe and relatively painless. A numbing cream is applied before and during the treatment. 

Your eyes are closed when tattooing both upper and lower lid. The machine vibrates on the eyelids, so you may feel a little irritation, and if you experience sinus-related issues, you can take antihistamine beforehand.

The procedure is fairly quick, with both upper and lower eyelids done within 30 mins, whether you choose a solid line, lash enhancement or eyeshadow look. But it’s best to allow at least an hour, for the numbing cream to work. 

After your treatment, we will give you an aftercare kit and instructions.

Don’t wear false eyelashes, mascara or eyelash extensions on the day of your treatment. You can wear them again two weeks after.

If you wear contact lenses, you need to remove them before the treatment, but you can put them back in straight after.

Results and how to care for your eyeliner tattoo 

Immediately after your eyeliner tattoo treatment, your liner will look thicker and darker. Your desired result will show within five days. You may also experience swelling for two days afterwards.

Rita advises applying Vaseline regularly, and to remove any makeup with baby oil for the first month to keep your eye area hydrated and help the eyeliner tattoo settle into the skin. 

Avoid chlorine or saltwater swimming and don’t use regular cleanser, mascara or eye makeup for seven days after your treatment.

Your eyeliner tattoo look should last between two to four years, depending on your skin type. We normally use black and brown colours, as these pigments last longer.

Say goodbye to daily eye makeup applications and hello to eye-catching eyes, 24/7! With Rita’s 30-plus years if cosmetic tattoo expertise, she can design an eyeliner look to make your eyes pop.


Let’s discuss your new look today!