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Tri-Lab Designer Series Colours

Designer series colours are specially formulated for permanent cosmetic makeup. It doesn't matter how long you have been practicing but you need to have a quality colour product that is rich in colour volume.

Having this basic necessary colour volume is the first integral part of any successful application. By using the correct product you achieve a higher concentration of colour in each implantation. 245- Pocket Colour Guide great for use when mixing colours for a visual and written record.

Cool Colours
C101 - Green
C102 - Blue
C109 - Black
C120 - Ruby Melt
C124 - Moss Brown
C125 - Smudgy Brown
C130 - Plum
C134 - Raisin

C142 - Dark Taupe
C143 - Blush
C152 - Red Rose
C154 - Midnight Black
C156 - Charcoal
C157 - Slate
C158 - Brick Red
C159 - Forest Green

C160 - Burgundy Red
C161 - Salmon
C162 - True Mauve
C165 - Navy Blue
C167 - Brown Black
C169 - Wild Strawberry
C172 - Cognac
C173 - Eyeliner Black
C177 - Cranberry
C183 - Flesh #3
Warm Colours
W104 - Red
W105 - Medium Brown
W106 - Light Brown
W107 - Red Brown
W108 - Dark Brown
W121 - Firefly Red
W122 - Natural Berry Kiss
W123 - Beautiful Blonde
W126 - Chestnut Brown

W140 - Mocha
W141 - Expresso
W144 - Nude
W145 - Champagne
W151 - Coral
W155 - Taupe
W163 - Mahogany
W164 - Light Chocolate
W166 - Pumpkin

W168 - Dark Chocolate
W170 - Burnt Orange
W181 - Flesh #1
W182 - Flesh #2
W184 - Flesh #4
W185 - Light Golden Beige
W186 - Dark golden Beige
W187 - Dark Tan
W190 - Golden Bisque


Absolute Perfection Colours


Face Inks Colour Chart



250 - Lazy Susan maintains a clean professional work area, utilizes our unique bottle holder and eliminates mess. Holds 19 Half-oz bottles
215A - Clear Caps (small 100 per bag)
215B - Clear Caps (large 100 per bag)
220 - Lucite Cap Holder One holder does it all, holds two small caps and three large caps
200 - Empty Bottles durable squeeze bottles with anti-clog spout
245 - Pocket colour guide great for use when mixing colours for a visual and written record
699 - Jars small (pack of 10)
700 - Magnifying Glasses with light

Educational Videos & Books

3000 - Winning Colour for All Seasons
Instructions on: Analysing the colour wheel, universal laws of colour, skin tones/colour terminology, tips for successful colour application, and tips for colour mixing, colour formulas, colour corrections and double shooting. A must for every technician. 55 minutes

3010 - Luscious lips
An educational video demonstrating 3 different clients receiving permanent lip-liner, lip-liner/ shading and full lip colour. Video also includes touch up session one year later. Discover how to use magnum shadier (4 prongs) proficiently. Learn to create the perfect Lip Line or shade colour through the lip vermilion for just a hint of colour. For the more dramatic client, learn proper undertones of pigments to create beautiful lip colours that compliment their appearance. 50 minutes

3020 - Exquisite eyeliner
This video includes two models with individual eyeliner application and touch up application six months post procedure. Yes you can have exquisite eyeliner in just 20 minutes. This video shows you how! 40 minutes

3030 - Elegant Eyebrows
An educational video that illustrates the proper technique for eyebrow hair simulation on three different models using a 4 flat shader, a 1 and 3 round needle cluster. Create natural looking eyebrows that simulate real hair utilizing at least 3 complimentary colours for that 3 dimensional look. In 20 minutes you can give your clients the eyebrows that they have always been dreaming about. 35 minutes

3050 - Areola Repigmentation
Observe Repigmentation of patients that suffer from mastectomy, patients that require larger and darker areolas and a burn survivor with a double Repigmentation of the areola. 55 minutes - (Video)

The Permanent Make-Up manual with DVD
Learn stretching techiques and colour mixing and much more.

Dragon Machine, Needles & Parts

RMREV3000 - Rotary 3000 Machine
Pack of 10 - 1 prong/sleeves/tips
Pack of 10 - 3 prong/sleeves/tips
Pack of 10 - 5 prongs/sleeves/tips
Pack of 10 - 7 prongs/sleeves/tips
Pack of 10 Flat needles 3-4-6-each pack
RMDC10 - Front Disposable Casing in Black (10)
RMDTS10 - Disposable Transmission Shaft (10)

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