I have been a regular client along with my mother and friends for 20’ish years. Rita is a perfectionist. I now fly from Brisbane to Sydney to see her. Love Rita.
Laura Owens Jan 2020
Rita, where have you been all my life!? So lovely meeting you today. Thank you for my eyebrows, they're fantastic! Looking forward to getting my lips done soon!
Marcia Abboud July 2019
I have had my eyebrow and lip tattoo done at the clinic by Rita. What a fantastic result. Absolutely love my new eyebrows, so nice to wake up in the morning and actually have some color on my face that looks natural. Highly recommend this place, Rita is very experienced and she is a perfectionist so you know you are in good hands. Well worth the investment.
Olivia Fluro-Fitness Oct 2017
Thank you Rita for your great work and professionalism.I am so happy with my permanent eyeliner,definitely coming back for my eyebrows,now that I found you....
Therese Ayoub
Thank you again Rita ...... alway's happy with your work ! I now have eyebrows again ! :) The only person i would go to for Eyebrows 10/10.
Margaret Roeleven November 2016
Thank you Rita for the fantastic new eye brows. They are perfect and I have been getting compliments of people since I got them done. I enjoy not having to draw my eye brows on everyday and the time you took with me to make sure I was happy with the colour and shape made me feel comfortable with my decision to get it done after years of thinking about it.
Bronwyn Upson Jan 2017
I had my eyebrows done by Rita.

I was going to pay someone over $1200 for the same job. However I did my research and found Rita and I am so glad I did , fabulous job, fabulous price and you have me as your client forever.

I am in the beauty business and I will be telling all my clients and friends about you if they need their eyebrows done perfectly.
Best decision I have made!

I was always so skeptical of getting my eyebrows done in fear that they would be thick and have a pen look effect.

From age 11 I have had alopecia, leaving me with no eyebrows at all. From age 14 I have been drawing them on myself. I used to exercise or even have something brush my pencilled eyebrow, and risk it completely wiping off. Every time I would exercise I would have beads of sweat on my eyebrows and I was unable to wipe the sweat off without losing the entire brow. You can imagine how self-conscious that made me. That lasted from age 14-21.

I met this woman who had great eyebrows tattooed one, and from there was directed to Rita. My eyebrows look so real with the brush strokes, and it has allowed me to do things I never thought I could do, such as swim laps and exercise without fear or worry!!

I love love my eyebrows and recommend it to anyone who is thinking about it!
Hi Rita,

My permanent make up eyebrows are life changing. I would stress every time I went swimming that my eyebrows would wash off. I would arise every morning before my partner to draw my eyebrows on. I looked like a drag queen with my drawn on brows but completely alien without them.

My only regret is that I didn't come to you sooner. You are so talented and knew intuitively where to tattoo, the thickness, the shape and the colour.

I've had friends ask if I'd lost weight or had my hair done but the best part is, I can enjoy playing and swimming with my 6 year old son without worrying that I look like a weirdo.

Thanks and regards
Hi Rita

Just a quick note to say thank you for such a great job of my ‘non existing’ eyebrows. Now that I am past the two week period I had to let you know that I am very happy with the outcome.

Dear Rita

I just wanted to let you know that having eyebrow tattooing has been the best thing I have done for myself in along time. I have received heaps of compliments but no one has been able to identify what the change has been. My new eyebrows look so natural that is not until I have told some of my close friends that the change is recognised.

I have been told that my eyes now sparkle or pop !!! Thank you for the fantastic results, so professional.

Many thanks
As a fitness Instructor, having my lips tattooed, meant never having to be told after a class that I had lipstick smeared on my face, or leaving evidence on everything I ate or drank, being a wearer of very dark lippy this was a real problem for me which now has been solved. Now I just add SPF15 gloss and off I go.
A. Whiteside - NSW
Hi Rita,

I've been waiting till a couple of months passed so I could see the true result of the "fix up" job you did for me after I had an uneven job done elsewhere. I just had to let you know that I'm thrilled with the results!

My lips look so much more nicely shaped and the colour is much better and the darker patches that I had in one corner are much more blended in. And the eyeliner looks fantastic with that lovely green-black you did for me. They look softer, more even in thickness and colour, and have a lovely effect on my eyes (I think so, anyway).

So I wanted to thank you not only for the great job you did, but for taking the time to really listen to what I wanted, to discuss alternatives and to explain the effects of the various colours. I'll be back when it's time for a touch-up, or maybe even before if I decide to have the top liner done in the same green-black colour!

Forget the other clinics with their fancy names for things, you're definitely the best!!!

Regards Mary
I have had permanent eyebrows done by Rita. All I can say is she is simply the best in the business. Please take the time to look at her work.
L. Graham – Parramatta
Rita Porreca has performed permanent make-up on my eyebrows twice in the last seven years, initially because of a lack of eyebrows due to years of plucking. It meant I no longer had to ‘pencil’ in a brow.

Since the initial treatment I have had a touch up but have found it to be a lasting answer to my problem.

Rita performed both treatments with the expertise you would expect to receive. I would thoroughly recommend the treatment to anyone.
P. Munro - NSW
There are several reasons why I decided to have the permanent make-up 3 years ago. Because I wear contact lenses, I found the little bits of the pencil eyeliner used to get in my eyes and underneath my lenses which caused a lot of discomfort.

I go to the beach and swim a lot at the pools and found that with the permanent make-up I looked half decent when I got out of the water.

I have a full time job, husband and a young son, so where do I find the time to do my make-up? With permanent make-up I only need to apply foundation, lipstick and mascara and really that’s all I have time for anyway!
Angie S. - NSW
I thought that I’d sit down and put pen to paper to thank you so much for giving me ‘new eyes’.

You just can’t imagine the self confidence that the tattooing on my eyebrows and eye liner has given me, please allow me to explain.

For many years I have been tinting my lashes and eyebrows, but now being in my early 50’s, the sparseness of the hairs on my eyebrows, was not only making it difficult to pencil the bare area but getting the shape the same for both sides was most difficult, in fact, almost impossible – it was really quite frustrating. It is for this reason that I tried to find a more permanent solution.

As you may remember, I was extremely apprehensive, actually quite afraid of having this done, not only was I afraid of infection and other problems, but also I realized that if it was a mistake I could not change it. When I spoke to you, you were very helpful and patient with answering all my questions and really allayed my fears on infections etc. This I really appreciated – thank you.

Admittedly, the procedure was a bit discomforting and my eyes were a little swollen and red for a couple of days, but I have never looked back. Then I came back for the bottom eye liner and I’m delighted with the results. You are very skillful; the eyeliner is right on the hair line and looks very natural. My daughters said that I looked at least 10 years younger. (Maybe not 10 years, but with definition around the eyes, it does make one look younger).

So Rita, that’s why I wanted to write to you and thank you for your skill and your work on my face. I will be back regularly for touch ups.
Bruna - Yagoona
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