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Eyeliner Tattooing Services in Sydney

Boost your confidence with an eyeliner tattoo from Cosmedic Professionals in Sydney. With an eyeliner tattoo, you never need to fuss with eyeliner again. You can wake up in the morning with lined eyes that match your personal style, and you no longer have to worry about smudges or fading eyeliner.

You can sleep, swim and exercise and still look great 24/7 without worrying about runny eye make-up. When deciding on your cosmetic eyeliner tattoo, you can choose from a range of colours–black, brown or even dark brown. For greater emphasis, green or blue can be applied on top of the colour.

Eyeliner tattoos can also assist those that have a vision impairment or are physically impaired. They’re also more convenient people who are allergic to make up or wear contact lenses.

We have several eyeliner tattoo options.

Upper/Lower Eyeliner and lash enhancement for a very natural look. We also have the option to add eye shadow on the outer corners of the eyes for a smokier look.

We offer a variety of different looks so your eyeliner tattoos are customised. Depending on your eye shape, you can choose between Upper/Lower or Both. For a thicker eyelash look, a lash enhancement is a popular option. We can also apple eye shadow on the outer corners of the eyes for a smoky look.

If you’re unsure what suits you, our practitioner can guide you. You can book a consultation at our Sydney location.

The Eyeliner Tattoo Procedure

Prior to any cosmetic tattoo, we draw on procedure guidelines to show you how the eyeliner tattoo will appear once it is healed. We can customise your eyeliner to enhance your eye shape. A thinner line for a natural look or a thicker liner for a more dramatic look. It all depends on your personal style and whether you wear eyeliner every day or just on special occasions.

There are many benefits to having your eyeliner tattooed. First and foremost, it easily complements your daily make-up routine, saving you time and frustration. It also makes your eyes look more dramatic and defined, especially if you have small and pale eyes. Other obvious benefits include no eyeliner smudges after perspiring or eyeliner smearing for those with oily skin.

Once you have your eyeliner tattooed, you will find you only require minimal makeup. Best of all, you’ll achieve a subtle yet dramatic look 24/7.

The procedure is safe and relatively painless. For your comfort, a numbing cream will be applied before and during the treatment. You will be surprised how comfortable it will be!

After the treatment, you will go home with an aftercare kit and instructions.

On the day of the treatment, you can take antihistamine if you suffer from sinus-related side effects.

Don’t wear false eyelashes on the day of the treatment. You can put them back two weeks after the treatment.

Contacts lens will need to be removed before the treatment. You can wear the contacts lens straight after the treatment if needed.

Customised Attention

Our leading practitioner, Rita Porreca, will work with you to customise pigment and shape for an ideal look for your face and skin tone. Our staff will treat you as a priority and carefully listen to and address your questions and needs. We only use the highest-quality products available as we strive to make sure you are comfortable and satisfied with your experience.

If you are ready to schedule a consultation in our Sydney clinic for any of our unique treatments, call us on (02) 9712 4133 or send us a message through the form on the right side on this page. If you would like to learn more about our other services, browse through our other service pages. We look forward to hearing from you.

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