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Thinking of getting your eyebrows tattooed? Here’s what you need to know…

Men and women are discovering the benefits of cosmetic tattooing for eyebrow enhancement, whether to keep up with current beauty looks, or because of thinning or scarred brows. If you aren’t blessed with full brows, cosmetic eyebrow tattoo can save you time and money on daily grooming. 

But with so many methods available, you may be confused about which is right for you.

Cosmetic tattooing expert, Rita Porreca, answers some common questions about eyebrow cosmetic tattoo, to clear up confusion. However, only a thorough, personalised consultation can help you decide which brow shape is best for your face, and which method will achieve the beautiful brows you’re after.

Why would someone want eyebrow tattooing?

As you age, your eyebrows may become thin or patchy. You may have scars with missing hairs. You may lose your brows due to a medical condition or treatment. Perhaps you over-plucked them when you were younger. Or you may simply want a fuller look than your natural eyebrows.

What are the different eyebrow tattooing methods?

These are the most common methods to enhance your eyebrows with cosmetic tattooing.

Eyebrow feathering

This replicates your own brow hairs for a soft, natural look. Using a machine or a tool, the cosmetic tattoo artist sketches hair-like lines on your skin. It’s great if you’d like a more effortless look or want to keep your brow shape but make them look fuller.

Feathering can be a good eyebrow tattoo method for men, who want the most natural look possible.


By tattooing tiny dots on your skin that get thicker or thinner depending on the area, the Ombré technique gives a more polished, powdered, two-toned look than natural brows, like you’ve used brow make-up.


This method entails feathering and shading techniques, giving your brows a combination look. The cosmetic tattooist uses fine feathering strokes at the front of the brow for a natural look and shading through the rest of the brow, for a filled-in look. The result is similar to a pencilled brow and gives you longer-lasting but natural-looking brows.


Using fine hair strokes with a hand tool, microblading simulates real hair, but you need regular touch ups. 

Blading, as it’s also called, is only suitable for around 20% of the population. It works better on people with darker hair who have most of their own brows and only need a bit of filling in.

It’s not suitable for older people with thinner skin, or people taking blood thinners.

What happens in a consult and procedure?

During your consult, Rita will advise the best brow colour and look for your face shape and size. She warns against wanting to copy the eyebrows of celebrities.

“You need to consider that you may not have the same face shape, or same balance in your face,” Rita explains. “So, when we do a brow shape, we measure your forehead, eyes and bottom half of face to make sure it’s in proportion, to enhance your best features.”

Your desired eyebrow shape is done by pencil first before implanting the colour – to ensure you get the brows you want. 

How long do results last?

This depends on the tattooing method, pigment used, and how you care for your eyebrows. Freshly tattooed brows may look darker than you initially requested, but will naturally fade within a week to your preferred shade.

Feathering is usually long lasting, because it doesn’t fade too dramatically. Ombré can last up to three years. 

For longer-lasting brows, protect them from the sun, avoid using active skincare products (e.g. retinol, AHAs) directly on brows, and don’t swim in chlorine or salt water daily. 

Your brows will need top-ups and Rita recommends every one to two years. “That way, the colour doesn’t age so noticeably, and stays fresh and natural looking.”

Is it painful?

While cosmetic tattooing techniques may have fancy names, it’s still tattooing, so some discomfort may occur. According to Rita, most clients say blading hurts more, with feathering a more gentle technique.

And she cautions not to go to the cheapest provider. “If they’re cheap, they’re not as experienced. It usually means they’re still learning. When you go to a cosmetic tattoo artist you’re buying their skills, not just the eyebrows.” 

Rita has over 30 years’ experience in cosmetic eyebrow tattooing, so you can be confident you’ll get your best-looking brows.


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