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Meet Rita Porreca

“In 1984 my dream was to create a Centre that provided personalised beauty solutions with natural and lasting results – a world above traditional beauty salons. Today, we have developed a Centre that specialise’s in Cosmetic Tattooing, and unique skin solutions.”

Rita Porreca is the leading practitioner at Sydney Permanent Make-up Centre and offers a wealth of accumulated practical experience and knowledge. Rita graduated in 1991 from the International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics in the United States, and has also completed Paramedical Aesthetics and Paramedical Camouflage Training. She has performed countless procedures on eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips and she constantly updates her qualifications. Her expertise enables her to work with medical experts in post-operative cosmetic procedures, noting every treatment is undertaken in a sterile clinic environment.

Rita specialists in designing faces, she customizes the pigments to suit your skiin tone and face shape. always following the latest trend in brows (Feathering, Blading, Brush Stokes, Ombre’ and Shading) using different equipment to achieve your desired results. The pigments and anesthetic are only the highest of quality.

Sydney Permanent Make-Up Centre (SPMUC) practices 'World-Class' beauty solutions and is consistently up-to-date with emerges in skin technology, science and research.

Rita is a member of the following associations:

American Academy of Micropigmentation

Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals

Australasian Association Of Cosmetic Tattoo

Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network

The Areas Of Practice

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Cosmetic Tattooing

Awake up with 24/7 makeup, Soft and Natural or Bold and Beautiful!

Medical Tattooing

Shhhh covering up unwanted scars can help your confidence.

Tattoo Removal

Small body tattoo, non-laser removal could be your answer.

Plasma Elite

Small corrections on eyelids or wrinkle in a natural way.